Moe Knows – a journey to Wisdom.

So over the last year and a half, I have been somewhat of a social (and social media) recluse. During this time, I have embarked on a monumental voyage of relocating my family from the land of our birth (South Africa) to Canada. It has been a journey, not without its own ups and downs, but certainly with some interesting learnings.

I have maintained strong ties with friends, family and other networks in South Africa and I still enjoy close linkages with many of you. In these interactions, what has become apparent is that many of you have asked that I resume my regular commentary and analysis of matters pertaining to markets and bringing it back home to what it means for the ordinary man on the street. I have also been approached by many to tell my stories about emigration, asked whether this is a permanent move with some looking to leave while others look for validation to stay.

For the longest time, I pushed back against this but given the sheer volume of calls as well as regular requests,I have decided to start a platform to share my views and opinions on markets, money and macro (as well as moving).

The purpose of this is effectively story telling. In Africa, many traditions are firmly ensconced in the age-old art of conveying our experiences in a narrative format. In this connected world, we can now share and learn and grow regardless of where we reside.

What can you expect? Well, honestly, just a ‘mind dump’ of what’s catching my attention, what my investment journey has been and is. There will be thematic, bigger picture thought pieces whilst others will be my thoughts on an investments I have made as well as regrets on investments gone bad. I will not be giving advice, merely sharing my thought process and ideas and looking to you to share your own.

I encourage you to interact, engage and reach out. This is as much for my benefit as it is for yours as it is only through this interaction that we can hone our thinking, refine our mental models and navigate our own ways through the various paths that life throws at us.

There are no right or wrong views, I am no guru and do not pretend to have a crystal ball. I do however have over 15 years of experience in investment, banking and trading floor experience which present an interesting lens through which I view the world. I was investing during the LTCM crisis, the dot com boom and bust. I earned my CFA charter in 2008 just prior to the financial crisis and lived and worked through that era and so find it apt that I embark on this phase of my life as we live through yet another period of upheaval and existential uncertainty. I look forward to making sense of it all with you.

There is a Middle Eastern proverb which states:

“He who knows not,
and knows not that he knows not,
is a fool; shun him.

He who knows not,
and knows that he knows not,
is a student; Teach him.

He who knows,
and knows not that he knows,
is asleep; Wake him.

He who knows,
and knows that he knows,
is Wise; Follow him.”

‘Moe-Knows’ is an aspirational moniker. In some things, I am a fool, in some, a student, in some asleep. Through this journey, let us awaken ourselves to our knowledge and commence the journey to the Wise.

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